Bhavesh in Baur Ghat — Happy Mood :)

I have been mentioning many times about this ghat and that ghat, but silly me never imagined that most of my foreign friends may not understand what I mean by "ghat". It actually is a road built on hills and mountains; such roads are full of twists and turns, and are difficult to drive on. Such roads offer excellent scenery and driving pleasure. The picturesque locations on such roads are beautiful because most of the times the place are uninhabited by humans.

On one of hills bearing such ghats, named Baur ghat, I had seeded some plants. Previous monsoon I went there to check the status. None of the seeds probably made it to a plant as some people dug up the hill I seeded. I was still happy believing that the seeds are actually taken inside the soil due to the digging, the process we name plowing when in farming. The process acts the same with the trees/plants we don't usually farm. Plowing gives them an opportunity to grow.

Megha took my smiling picture :)

In Baur ghat, Bhavesh


  1. Anonymous27 July, 2010

    You are Human - claps for you.

  2. I have come back after a super long vacation.
    Nice to read your wonderful post. You are looking lovely and lively and I must appreciate for the wonderful shot taken by Megha.

  3. @ Appu: Thank you :)

    @ Babli: Welcome back, Babli. Thank you for your good words :)

  4. i think i already followed u long time ago.. can u check? i cant follow u now. it says im blocked :(

  5. @ Ms. Chyme: I too think that you probably followed my blog in the past only. But I don't see you in the current list of followers :(

  6. I always appreciate when I find out something that I never knew I needed to know!!! I have read in your posts about "Ghat" and ... I'm not sure what I interpreted it to be in my head ... maybe a bug like 'gnat'? Lol Thank you for the information!

  7. What a wonderful scene Bhavesh! The hardest roads to travel are always the ones that pay off the best! That's called "Walking in Difficult Beauty".
    Though the road my be difficult, the journey is beautiful!

  8. Thnaks for the explanation.
    And thanks for everything you share.

  9. Anonymous28 July, 2010

    Good mood...

  10. @ Clytie: I'm so glad I clarified :)

    @ blog with no name: So correct!

    @ Romicas: It's all my pleasure, Romicas! :)

    @ Krisno: Yup! :)

  11. You do seem quite happy here and the setting looks beautiful.


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