Huge grasshopper on a motor scooter pillion seat

Update: The title of the original post was "Guess what?" to check the blogger friends' keenness. Now it has been changed to "Huge grasshopper on a motor scooter pillion seat" for SEO purpose. The content of the original post follows…

Any guesses why we took the below photo? Anyone? No? Oh, I see some hands rising. Freely tell what you think. Scroll down to see why :)

Huge grasshopper as a pillion rider

The reason is the pillion rider. See the above photo again. The pillion rider is a huge tamarind colored grasshopper! Do you see it? See it in a closer photo below.

Huge grasshopper on a motor scooter seat

Some of you might be interested in seeing how creepy it really looked. So the following close-up photo of the huge grasshopper is just for those of you :)

Close-up of a huge grasshopper

Thanks to Megha; she noticed this creeper when we were heading towards the lush greens near the old Katraj tunnel in the elephant mountain. The photos above are taken by her only :)


  1. May be the grasshopper wants to cut down travelling time by taking lift...LOL

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. very interesting... kudos to Megha for her keen observation!

  3. A free ride for the grasshopper! Plus a portrait!

  4. maybe he was the navigator... Back seat driver :)

  5. Ohmigosh, what an interesting passenger! He really is, um, unique! Huge kudos to Megha for spotting this one!

  6. Creeper is the right word!! :) We have big creepers here too, usually green. Have a nice week! :)

  7. wow nice! You did test our observation power! I bet everyone missed it.

  8. @ Mitr Friend - Bhushavali: It's a DSLR from Canon :)


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