Photo Effect on Hill Turmeric aka Curcuma Pseudomontana, Kachura, Raan Halad [रानहळद], Shindalvaan [शिंदळवान], Shindalvaani [शिंदळवानी], Kattu Manjal [of Zingiberaceae Family (Ginger Family)]

It's a photo effect that I have tried this time. It's a combination of 2 photos…
• The background photo with drops of waterfall
• The foreground photo with 2 wild flowers of Hill Turmeric

I will show the original 2 photos after tomorrow's Wednesday Wallpaper.

Hill Turmeric - Curcuma Pseudomontana - Kachura - Raan Halad [रानहळद] - Shindalvaan [शिंदळवान] - Shindalvaani [शिंदळवानी] - Kattu Manjal - [Zingiberaceae (Ginger Family)]

Update: I have published the above mentioned post here.


  1. The combination is quite lovely, Bhavesh. You are creative and a wonderful photographer.

  2. Nice Bhavesh! Now try it without the camera! :)
    It can be done, with a mustard seed's worth of faith... and a heart FULL of love!


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