7 Things About Me [I've been tagged!]

I have been tagged by Anu, who is a very intelligent lady [was about to be a scientist] who chose to be a housewife because she believes that kids should never be left with maids or any person other than the mother. I too am a strong believe of this thought, and feel bad when mothers have to work and leave children with someone else. So Anu, you are intelligent with this act way more than any other way!

Well, the tag game is…
• Write 7 things about you
• Tag 7 people you know
• Link back to the person who tagged you

I'll put the interesting part first — the 7 people I'm tagging. Don't feel bad if you are not in the list; the following are random 7 from the hundreds of amazing bloggers I know…
1] Kirigalpoththa
2] sleeping beauty
3] Clytie
4] amatamari©
5] Deepa
6] Anna
7] Cheryl

The next interesting part is linking back to the person who tagged me — Anu. Her blog is A Wandering Mind.

Now the dull part — 7 things about me. Sorry you are reading this :(

1] Most of you must have realized already that I am just mad about photography. It's the biggest passion for me. I just see beauty in everything I see around me, really!

2] The second point is contradicting the first point. It is because my biggest passion is nature, not photography. For me, photography is a way in which I am expressing to the world that the environment is the most beautiful thing that could have ever been created in the universe.

3] Now this is weird; I'm a man who cries. I cry when I see a tree being cut; I cry when a leaf is burnt; I cry when a forest area becomes a farm; I cry when I use man-made marvels; I cry when I think, because to flourish a selfish species, I'm a contributor in wounding the selfless species. I'm crying while using this keyboard that is using electric pulses that were generated harming nature. The cry is in the heart, not on the face. There's a message upcoming from me soon in the future. It may help our prestine environment a bit.

4] Well, let's change the topic and come to normal humans. I love traveling. My another passion is to walk atop most of the peaks in the Western Ghats, at least. The other mountain ranges are in queue.

5] I have no pet name; family and friends tried using Pablo, Bhavlo, Johny-Bravo. But none of these ever termed long.

6] I do not like my posts to be without a photo, but am still publishing this post. Oh boy, I have a photo in the background; thank GOD!

7] I want to be super-rich to be able to spend more time with my loved ones and not with the office computers.

Hope you have not felt asleep.


  1. Good one, Bhavesh... I am so touched that u wrote so much about me.... hey, and i too cry about all such things!

  2. Hi Bhavesh,
    I'm glad you were tagged man, then I could discover more things about you... it is sometime nice to read more about the blogger we are actually following...

  3. Hi Bhavesh,it's great to get know you better:)
    I love the part about walking - I love walking as well!

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  5. oh, no! eres una persona maravillosa, sensible! eres muy humano, mucho más que los "normales", Yo también lloro de cuando se corta un árbol o se hiere a la Tierra. Tambien yo seré "rara"?
    un beso grande.

  6. I am such a picture person too. I think I sometimes go overboard with posting pictures.

  7. Thanks for the tag Bhavesh! :)
    I too have a similar passion like your no 4 - walk atop most of the peaks in the central highlands of Sri Lanka.

  8. Thanks for tagging me, although I will have a hard time coming up with 7 things that won't bore anyone! Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you. I do enjoy learning more about my blogger friends!

  9. Congrats on being tagged! And also on being awarded my prestigious Lola Award for Services to Blogging!!! (Apologies if it wasn't clear in my post!) So do pop back & collect it (if you're not an award free blog now!!)

    Love yr site - that's why I'm a follower! (Am always visiting - don't always have time unfortunately though to leave a comment!)

    Have a great day! And hopefully lots of bloggers from my site have linked to yours today!


  10. Thanks for the tag.
    So you cry, lol, there is nothing wrong with crying. My martial arts instructor (man) used to tell me he cried on anything that made him sad or happy, lol. It is a good thing, and that means you are a human. Thanks again, Anna :)

  11. Nice to know you better :)))))

  12. glad to know new things about you

  13. Oh I'm happy for the nomination and then...
    you wrote also for me...
    I can not live without the beauty of nature in all its forms ...

    Sincerely thanks!

  14. Bhavesh (Johnny Bravo), Tears of the heart are streams of living water, manifesting themselves into tears of the eye... One should NEVER try to hold them back, that is where the expression, "Choking back your tears", comes from. The day the crying stops, and I hope it never does, One has to look deep inside to find out where his heart has gone off too.
    It is a good thing that your heart is so easily broken, because that means that you are closer to selfless than selfish... Walk in beauty my freind! Mike

  15. It's always fun to read these posts, I love learning about my fellow bloggers, it's never dull! I share your passions, photography & nature.
    This was fun to read!
    Have a fantastic weekend!!

  16. You are a most interesting man! And I am glad you are one that cries!

  17. the third point is wonderful...being an ecologist and a nature lover, I cry too...:)

  18. Interesting points! I share the first and second :)

  19. Fall asleep?? Are you kidding me Bhavesh? THIS is brilliant my dear! I LOVE knowing more about you. Honestly, it makes me adore you even more. You'll always be my favorite blogger, really!!!

    Thanks for all your support over this past year. And double thanks for all the superb photography and thoughtful writing. You are a gift!


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