Clothing and Apparels

Hello Friends,

My today's topic is Clothing and Apparels. I'm just mad about style factor, and I always keep on innovating everything — from shoes to hairstyle, from jacket to gloves, from anything to everything that adds to my personality. I like to be an icon, not a follower of styles.

My today's style is well-pressed blue-white striped formal shirt and navy-blue semi-formal six-pocket trouser with all-wear laced shoes, and uncombed curly gel hairstyle with 3 day beard.

What's your style today?


  1. Sounds cool "a 3 day beard" ...... LOL

    My style today is a bleu jeans and a white sweater :-)

    Have a nice day ....

  2. Looks you are the type that likes to be rugged.

    My style today?

    All black. An above knee lenght skirt, a black sleeveless top. Both body hugging :P Sadly only showing my fats hahaa~

    Have a great day ;).

  3. While my brother already has his pull marine striped blue and white (as you today) on the back, I am still in red and green checked cotton pyjamas because before going out I have a lot of important work to do at home.

    Good day Bhavesh

  4. Well, I am in Orange and Blue! :) My style is also to be casual! Thanks for giving the links. They are wonderful!

  5. Style does define us to other is the first thing they see and immediately forms an opinion in their minds even before we speak.

    Me? Fitted corduroys, turtleneck, a cardigan cashmere sweater and leather jodhpur boots ...casual hair & no make-up. It's cold outside!


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