Run of House Hotel Rooms

I just found a new term called "Run of House" used in terms of hotel room reservations. It's quite interesting and worth! Whenever you get a hotel room reservation titled "Run of House" it probably is the best deal. Actually it is a deep discounted room. The rate of the room is far lower than the standard rates of the hotel. The only difference between a normal booking and a Run of House booking is that any particular room is not allocated at the time of booking, but the best available room is given at the time of check-in. You must be having a question — how is this the best deal? Here are the 2 important points giving answer to that…
• It's the cheapest rate, also called deep-discounted rate
• You get the best available room at the time of check-in. So if you are visiting at the time the hotel is less occupied, you may get a free upgrade to a suite or the best available room!

However there's a disadvantage too — if you end up being there at the time the hotel is highly occupied, you may get a bad-view room (say parking facing). But it's not important due to the following 2 points…
• You have got the best rate (10/10)
• Bad-view is just a probability (?/10)

I'm sure I will be searching for "Run of House" rooms/rates when making my next hotel reservation. The chances of getting better rooms at less price seem way more to me :)


  1. Anonymous06 July, 2009

    The post reminds me Lalu Prasad railways ticket upgrade policy.
    Great idea.

  2. Quite an interesting concept!

  3. Sounds interesting, as soon as I decide to go I'll use the option:)
    best regards!

  4. If you need my help, let me know, and I'll search for you :)

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  5. I didn't know this Bhavesh, thanks for sharing these small but useful tip.

  6. Mujhe maaf khar do bhai, saw your comment very late. I'm in sherif Lucknow...

  7. That's wonderful Hindi Gaelikaa!

  8. Interesting travel information. I'd never heard of this booking feature, but seems like it could be a great deal.

  9. Sort of a spot market then, levearing the rate between supply and demand at any given moment.


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