Height of Cruelty

I'm so much saddened after looking at the below video. It feels so insulting not just for the trees but for nature too. What a clear meaning of "creation in years, destruction in seconds". The person operating the machine may not have imagined how long it has taken for the most-generous species on the planet to grow this big. However, he or the owner of the operations are not the only criminals of nature. We are more contributors to this destruction than them. The following line may help explaining what I want to say — "when buying stops, killing too will".

I hope the following video creates some pain in our hearts, so that we start acting for conserving the beautiful environment on this wonderful planet, rather than appreciating the capabilities of this machine.


Source: I received an email with this video


  1. Sorry, i cannot watch wantondestruction, our government policies are sust as evil, all we can do is what we are doing. We have bought 500 acres of degraded agrarian land and are revegetaing it again with some success. We even have kangaroos again where there were none left in the district when we came. If each one of us greens his/her own bit, we may yet swing the balance. It is no use to wait for someone else to do it, that way nothing except more destruction happens.

  2. Great work indeed Arija. Truly and highly appreciated.

  3. I've never seen a machine like this !! Some struggle to protect the trees while others destroy them !

  4. You do a good work by exposing this and by sharing your feelings with us web friends.
    Thank you for honoring my site with your visit.
    India teaches much to the world, Namaste and
    Aloha from Hawaii my friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  5. It is so sad to watch a machine lay waste to what has taken so long to grow in nature. How true that much of the evil in the world has to do with buying, spending, consuming. We need a change in priorities.

  6. Hi There, We're home after a wonderful weekend in the gorgeous North Carolina mountains. I'll post in the morning.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours. I agree about what is happening in nature---all around us. It's very very sad!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  7. You're welcome Cloudia.

    Even though India teaches much to the world, my experience says that it's a much mismanaged and filled-with-nonsense place. But I believe, the story is the same all over the world.

  8. For sure Janie, we need a big change in the priorities. But it's easy to say and difficult to implement. I'm working on a project that I have kept secret. I am hoping that it will bring a widespread change the way the population is expanding. I will declare it once I see positive signs.

  9. I had a good weekend Betsy. Looking forward to your post from North Carolina :)

    Bedse Caves

  10. Thank you for the generous gesture Bhavesh, Appreciate your support...Thomas

  11. Truly my pleasure Thomas to collect votes for you on my blog, for the Great Driving Challenge. Best of luck.

  12. As a nature lover, this is a heart breaking scene, no matter which part of the planet it occurs!...

    Bhavesh, definitely there is something wrong between my computer and your blog! It take ages to download your page and even so your last photo is not shown... Shame on this!

  13. I'm glad to know your same concern JM.

    Regarding my blog not opening on your computer, the reason may that you are using an old browser — say Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, or a browser on which my blog is not compatible. Please try opening my blog on Mozilla Firefox 3 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. I really appreciate you took time to inform me about my blog not opening.

  14. It is that as all are crazily rushing to make Money...!..!!..!!!
    Nature in nurturing human and human is destroying Nature...!...!!..!!!

  15. Surely this machine looks like a predator that it really is....consuming the trees for its greed!!!...heart wrenching video!!...


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