What a Wonderful Business!

Have we all ever felt what we want to do if we are allowed to decide what business we will do if there's no restriction or limitation of any type? I have many on list :) But when I visited camelbackdisplays.com, I added one more in the list of my favorite businesses.

They trade in trade show exhibits. Oh! What a long array of display-types they are providing!! From the basic table covers and table top display, to the trade-show booth flooring. They have everything when it comes to exhibition stall preparation. When I will any time participate in any trade show (let's hope soon), I will surely have them as my exhibit display managers. I'll have much to learn from them at that time.

Truly, sky is the limit in this business.

Deer and its Fawn

You have seen many of the photographs taken by me, and have admired the quality. That gives me quite a lot of boost. Thanks to you all.

In the below photograph, there are many unusual things if you notice keenly. But there is one thing that is the most unique in everything. And, that thing explains why the other things are unusual.

Let's see what you guess :)

Deer and its fawn

Golden Sun

Sun is a wonder. How powerful it can be, is what we cannot calculate exactly. We people admire the mighty sun, and some religions like Hindu pray the sun as GOD. And why not, because of the existence of the sun, we exist. We create paintings of sunrise and sunset, we photograph it, we make sculptures of it. Here is a beautiful sculpture of the golden sun…

Golden Sun

Bright and Blue Sky with Fluffy Clouds

Looks like just another sky, doesn't it?

Bright and Blue Sky with Fluffy Clouds

Periwinkle (AKA Vinca, Vinca Rosea) [Botanical Name: Catharanthus Roseus] {Hindi Name: सदाबहार}

This is a very common flower in India, but I'm not sure whether all my good friends out there in all the parts of the world have ever seen this beauty. It's name is Periwinkle. In Hindi, it is called Sadabahar (सदाबहार), which means blooming in every season; yes, this flower blooms all the 12 months. The plant grows in any soil, accepts any weather, sun and shadow both are welcome, dry or rainy both are acceptable.

We people have to learn from this plant and its cute flowers; no matter what comes in life, always keep smiling and the situation will be better with your smile :) See… the flower looks like it is smiling :)

Periwinkle, Vinca, Catharanthus Roseus, Vinca Rosea

Rosy Eranthemum (AKA Blue Eranthemum) [Botanical Name: Eranthemum Roseum]

Mostly found in the Western Ghats of India (area locally known as Sahyadri Hills), these beautiful flowers bloom violet-blue, and turn rosy-red after aging. I photographed this beautiful flower in the forests of Matheran. I was lucky to photograph different ages of the flower in the same small bunch.

Rosy Eranthemum
Rosy Eranthemum - Twosome

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