YouTube and China. What is Happening?

I recently heard that China has withdrawn itself from the YouTube access! Browsing through the Internet, I reached this page — You Tube inaccessible to Chinese citizens that is giving a bit of an idea what actually has gone wrong. I am sure Google (the parent company of YouTube) must be very much concerned about this as the largest population nation is taken away from their market.

Why Google must be concerned? Very easy. It's the owner of YouTube, and it has started making money from it. See this article — You Tube and advertising. They have started sponsored listings on YouTube. In Google, we see the text-based sponsored listings. Now we'll see it on YouTube too!

What a complex world of advertising and politics!!

Useful Links…
You Tube inaccessible to Chinese citizens
You Tube and advertising


  1. I agree Bhavesh, the world is today all about commerce and politics,


  2. May be they are planning something similar.


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