Sweet William (Scientific Name: Dianthus Barbatus)

I wasn't aware of this flower until about a year back when my wife gifted its plant to me. Initially, I used to think that this is from China because of it's fine and thin paper-cut look. Later we found that it's known as Sweet William found in southern parts of Europe. And surprisingly, I wasn't completely wrong; its variety is found in China also :) It's scientific name is Dianthus Barbatus.

Enjoy the below 2 photographs of this beautiful flower…

Fully Grown Sweet William Flower in Our Mini Garden
Ultimate Close-Up of Fully Grown Sweet William Flower in Our Mini Garden


  1. beautiful colour,and beautiful flower

  2. Good that nice things like this one has no problems with borders! :-)

  3. Fantastic colour, my favourite one! Many thanks for sharing
    Léia :-)

  4. While both are nice, I like the image of the whole flower.

  5. It's a beautiful flower indeed, and its name is very proper - sweet:)

  6. Pretty, these come in lots of colours.


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