My First Computer

We all know computers have evolved so much in the recent times. The technology is keeping on improving and upgrading.

I recalled something from the past and wanted to share it with you all. I still remember that we bought our first computer in 1997. Compared to the computer we are using now at home, it was far behind comparison. But I'm proud that we didn't do any mistake in getting the best computer available at that time. When we bought our first computer, we didn't have any guide. But thankfully, with the technology, Internet has also evolved. And now we have guidance, comparison and review websites in place. Another change is that now-a-days, people are concentrating more on laptops than desktops. I just stumbled upon a website that has a buying guide for laptops. After reading it, I remembered my first computer, and thought I would publish a post telling what my first computer configuration was without a guide at that time. It was…

• Pentium Processor @ 166 MHz
• 1 GB Hard Disk Drive
• 14" CRT Monitor
• No CD Drive
• 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive

Well, well, I cannot write more about it; in the era that you are reading this, it is the configuration which you won't even recognize I guess.

Anyway, feel free to use the guide if you want to buy laptops.

And wait! Just wanted one great point of comparison to be added. Any guesses? Mmm no I think. You see that I had 1 GB Hard Disk Drive at that time. The comparison is that the current computer I have has 2 GBs of RAM! Well, forget it; even the laptop I currently have has 1 GB RAM. What a change! I'm again linking to the wonderful guide on buying laptops. Hope it will be useful for you.


I'm a photographer, and find it difficult to publish text-only posts :) So I am publishing a photograph also. I took it about 2 months back when I was assembling a computer for one of my clients. The following photo is of Intel DG35EC Motherboard with Intel E7400 Core 2 Duo Processor.

Intel DG35EC Motherboard with Intel E7400 Core 2 Duo Processor


  1. Being computer illiterate I don't understand much about computers, except turn them on, type and turn them off! haha!! Anything more complicated and I'm where am I anyway?

  2. Times have definitely changed. I bought my first computer in 1985. It was a Radio Shack brand, ran on DOS, and had maybe 400 mb of memory total. Pretty pitiful by today's standards. I should have kept it. Would be an antique by now.

  3. Yes! Isn't this just amazing?! The other day I was also doing some camparisions to my 1st computer (which data I don't even remember now) and the differences were unbelieveble! Ah, and I just have a common laptop at the moment, not a powerful machine... :-)

  4. I remember 386/486 computer but mine is P4 - I purchased 4 years back.

  5. My first one was quite similar with this kinmd of specs (if I remember correctly)
    150 mhz
    2 GB hard disk
    32 MB Ram
    17" CRT Monitor (big one in those days!)

    I skipped all those early years of 486 and so.

    Great post and blast from the past!

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  7. In the late 1980's, I was working on a 286 AT with a 5.25" floppy disc drive. No Windows, everything was DOS based. Wow have times changed. back then, we even had the 10.5" floppy disc drives for storage.

    I too took a photo of the inside of my new PC. I had the power supply replaced and added 2 gigs of RAM.

  8. this is a neat document of what was going on at this time in your life. please keep adding photos!

  9. quite informative. I am planning to buy a sony laptop in near future. By the way, that I shot those aliens in a park in Delhi. I am glad that you liked my new profile photo. :)

  10. Well this was interesting. I can't even remember our first one...back in the early 80's at least, some kind of ..oh gosh..forget it..can't remember. Then of course moved on to upgraded desktops and now I have my beloved laptop.

  11. hey I worked 1st time on PII 32MB RAm OS DOS AND now IT's quade C2D 4GB RAM 1GB Nvdia Graphics. CHANGING TIME >>>>>>>>>>>

  12. Well, i really didn't remember my first one , though i even can't . Its just because i am really into upgrading my systems every moment i get a chance.

    I just check through these series this time. Get a good one

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