The Sixth Photo Game

I was introduced to this by Babzy. I name it "The Sixth Photo Game". You have to take the sixth photograph from your sixth folder and create a post for it. You should link back to the person who introduced this game to you. And you should invite six persons to continue the linking. I think I can invite as many :). Below are the invitation links. Please please accept my apologies if I have not put your link to the invitations; it doesn't mean that I don't want you to continue the link. All are welcome to join the game and enjoy!

The Sixth Photo from The Sixth Folder of My Photographs…
Sixth Photo Game - sixth photo from sixth folder - Pramod, Jitu, Pramod, Avinash and Bhavesh [from left]
Me and my friends on a trip to Shivneri on 05-February-2006

Link Back…
file number 6

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  1. Hello Bravesh,

    Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your game. My Sixth Photo is posted and a small story about it. Have a Fabulous Friday. Or is it already Saturday in your part of the world?

  2. Lively looking bunch of friends. Are all of you riding on that one single scooter???

  3. That looks like any road around here in the high desert of Southern Cal. Fun photo to see you all.

    I'll have to do this in a little bit...looks like fun.

  4. Never heard of Shivneri before but judt did some googling and it seems to be another fantastic place in your country!

    Answering to your questions:
    1- the 'Aloe blossom' shot was taken with the most basic Sony Cybershot under natural 5pm sun light.
    2- Buenos Aires is a fantastic tourist destination! It was considered to be 'the' Paris of South America on the last century.

  5. Thank you Gramma. The sunflower photo is lovely ☺

  6. Oh! I didn't note that funny part of the photo Mr Pefley :) Don't worry. I care way too much for my scooter. There were just 2 on it. Others on their own bikes :)

  7. It's a tree-full area converted to desert-like Sandy :( After all what we humans do is finally this only.

    It will be great to see your sixth photo. Let me know please once you post it :)

  8. Yes it is JM. I had been there only once, when I took this shot. But it was an awesome experience. Maybe, I will create a post on Shivneri in the future :)

    1- The 5 PM sunlight — truly a rich light. I like photographing in early morning and evening sunlight. It gives a very special glow to anything we photograph. Can't believe that it was taken by a point-and-shoot camera :) Very creative.

    2- If fortune allows, I will surely visit Buenos Aires :)

  9. a neat and clean snap :)

  10. Superb photo with a beautiful landscape. Your framing is very good.


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