I still remember that night 3½ years back; it was raining heavily outside. In the morning I woke up at 5 and my mom said, "Don't go, it's not right to go on a 220 km motorscooter ride in such rainy time." I said, "No, I will go; I enjoy it like this." I picked-up my camera and headed for the heavenly Bhimashankar. There are no words to explain how beautiful this place is — there is no boundary between the clouds and the mountains, the land has its green blanket, the visibility is just 10 meters, the atmosphere explains "Nirvana", the water defines purity, the soil shows the magic, the cool wind blows off your tensions, the rain showers GOD's blessings, the GOD is in front of you. Believe me, this is all what happens when you visit Bhimashankar in July (please respect the nature if you do visit).

The beautiful and evergreen forest of Bhimashankar. The mist, the greenery, the rawness, all is so amazing!
This is the forest area.

A beautiful roadside tree and a well in the mist of the monsoon time in Bhimashankar where the forest doesn't see the sun for 3 months every year
A well on the roadside. What a view it was! I still regret getting delayed by 15 seconds. By the time I stopped my motorscooter and took out my camera, the fog had lessened. If I would have succeeded in clicking this 15 seconds prior, the picture would have been more beautiful.

Bhavesh walking in the monsoon-clouds-filled roads of the beautiful land of the forest of Bhimashankar
This is me enjoying the walk :)

On the cloudy road on way to Bhimashankar, a truck with full beam head lamps turned on, is trying to find its way.
Can you believe that this photograph was taken on midday? The truck's headlights were on full beam. But because of the dense fog, the headlights gave a very special effect instead of ruining the photograph.

My friend Pramod is posing on the downstairs to Bhimashankar temple. Rainwater has created water streams on steps too. Bhimashankar is a rare Indian temple as reaching there is to climb down.
This is my friend Pramod. He's standing on the steps down to the temple. Indians must be amazed to read "down" as most of the temples in India are built on a higher ground. You need to climb up to reach the temples, not climb down. This is a unique feature of this temple. There's so much rain out there that the steps act like small streams of water. Can you see the water flowing down on the steps?

Bhavesh is posing in front of the beautiful black colored temple of Bhimashankar.
This is the temple's photograph. Bhimashankar is one of the 12 Jyotirlings of India. All Jyotirlings are the temples of Lord Shiv.

Deepmaal [chain of lamps literally] in the temple premises of Bhimashankar
This is called "Deepmaal", which is common in the temples of the Maharashtra State of India. Each branch of this structure is lit every night during prayers. It looks very spiritual at that time. Sorry to say that I don't have a photograph of the lit one yet :(

Bhimashankar is named by joining the words Bhima and Shankar (other names of Lord Shiv). Bhimashankar is the source of the Bhima river. It is said that on the request of the GODs, Lord Shiv took abode the Bhima form to kill a demon named Tripurasur. He slayed Tripurasur, and the sweat released from Bhima's body due to the rigorous fight, formed the Bhima river.

The place is important not just with the spiritual point of view, but many other ways also; it's the trekkers' paradise; it's a home for the unique "Shekru" — giant squirrels (probably its scientific name is "Rafuca Indica Elphinstoni"), black eagle, and many wild animals; it is important from scientific and research point of view also, due to many unique species of flora and fauna found in the reserved forest area — Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.


  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it. Weather conditions look amazing and Deepmaal shot is just fantastic! I've never seen anything of the kind.

  2. thank you for the lovely post... brought back memories of my visit! check out my experience here

  3. Its fantastic!! I feel like visiting this place once in my life time :)

  4. Great seeing these photos and reading you. Your descriptions are wonderful and educational. Photos are gorgeous. Nice seeing you "walking" there..

  5. beautiful report i can feel how you love this place !! It has been raining all day long !
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  6. I will soon make a new post for your sixth photo game Babzy :)

  7. I just went through your quite detailed post on Bhimashankar dear MagicEye; very impressive!

  8. Your photographs prove that how beautiful this place is...You know buddy I love trees a lot...They are nature's best gift.

  9. I know you're a nature-lover Deepak. I too am a great fan of the nature. I always wonder why people are so dumb that they cut off their own roots. If there are no trees, there are no humans. Believe me, the tragedy of the Easter Island is a miniature example of what will happen when we will lose all our trees.

  10. Actually, I can't blame anyone, because I too am into it. I don't know how many trees have been cut to build the computer I am using right now; just a small example. Difficult to explain, right?

  11. Buddy, I am happy to know that you are too a nature lover. :) Target 'Machu Picchu' and 'The Galápagos Islands'. Have a nice day !

  12. Wow! The Deepmaal is incredible! I would love to see it lit.

    Are you close to Ganeshpuri? I was there in 1987.

  13. You'll really feel blessed when you see it lit.

    I'm not sure where Ganeshpuri is. Which state in India?

  14. It's 40 miles north east of Mumbai.

  15. OK. Bhimashankar is also about 40 miles east of Mumbai. So both these places must be very close to each other. Any particular remembrance from Ganeshpuri with you? It's interesting to know.

  16. I went to Baba Muktananda's ashram there. I was there for two weeks and wandered to the two small towns on either side. It was a wonderful experience. We also visited Sri Nityananda's Samadhi shrine in Ganeshpuri city. The ashram I stayed in was a mile down the road.

  17. Wow!! You have already mentioned that it was a wonderful experience. Must be a great place :)

  18. We all are a parts of Nature. But forgot this fact. Viewing such photos our soul awakes and checks our deeds what we are doing.......

  19. Deepak Patil25 September, 2009

    The plateau as we approach Bhimashankar from Resort Blue Mormon is best described as yet another valley of wild flowers in post rainy season (Sept/oct); these are mostly yellow and blue !

  20. wow! u got bac memories of my trip there!
    u re a pro!

  21. I enjoyed your pictures very much, and you always give such nice information.

  22. Great article! Very well described.

  23. Sorry you didn't have good weather, but it looks like you still had a good time.

    1. The problem, or the advantage is, I like this weather! I just love it. True, I had a great time! 😊


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