Lambada Live

Call them the best. On the Christmas Eve, we were roaming around in the city to see the best decorations. We went to Pune Central, where the decoration was too good. On top of that, they had the best band I have ever personally seen; the name is "Lambada Live". They played very good songs, and it was a complete feast for the ears. Such a talent they are… If you wish to contact them, you can call the owner of the group — Manoj Pandya (the third photo down there with his short profile) on his mobile number — +91-9823034227. Alternatively, you can contact them via email. Let me know if you need their email address. I am not publishing it for their spam-protection.

You can find their videos by clicking here.

Here are the photos as I always publish…

Rana and Manoj Pandya of Lambada Live performing at Pune Central on Christmas 2008 Eve
Artist Rana (Lead Vocals)

Josh Crooner of Lambada Live performing at Pune Central on Christmas 2008 Eve
Artist Josh Crooner (Lead Vocals)

Manoj Pandya of Lambada Live performing at Pune Central on Christmas 2008 Eve, enjoying the sound engineeringArtist Manoj Pandya (Founder Member and Owner of the group; Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Sound Engineering; Backup Vocals)


  1. Great pictures as you always take :) Do these guys perform regularly there, or was it just for that day?

  2. This group seems to enjoy a lot and it reflects in their attitude. Well done!

  3. I don't exactly know Lalit. Sorry I didn't ask them. Reading on the internet, I found that they perform every weekend in Pune Central.

  4. by the way we are called 'Lambada Live'...thanks & regards...

  5. Lambada Live performs at Pune Central Bund Gardens as well as Ganesh Khind every weekend. They alternate between the two malls on Saturdays and Sundays. I am continuously amazed at the guality of their music which we get to hear free, They perform best when egged on by an appreciative crowd, so come to Pune Central with all your friends to enjoy. To see all the videos I have uploaded (more than 120), visit and search for Manoj Lambada or my ID monda46. Hits recently crossed the 2 lakh mark!!

  6. Hey Josh, I have changed it to Lambada Live from Lambada Group

  7. Thanks for the additional info Mr Roy. I am placing a link to your YouTube profile. Visitors can click here to view your profile and videos. You seem to be their biggest fan. You deserve to be promoted :)

  8. Hi Bhavesh,
    Nice blog u have maintained.
    I am also a true follower of this band, specially Rana and Jasraj.
    I think u have a slight mistake in naming the photos above. Rana and Crooner are interchanged. 1st pic is crooner and 2nd Rana

    1. Hi there,

      Nice to see one more fan of Lambada Live. Thanks for correcting the names.

      Visitors… please note this correction :)


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