Ice Age 3 Is Coming :) — Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Any Ice Age fans here? Ice Age 3 is coming… The title is Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Isn't it exciting? Well the release date is way ahead — July 2009, but we can always wait for the feast for eyes even if we can't :) Got confusing. Well, the website is The website too is so catchy.

The characters are simply stunning, especially the Scrat; he's a gone case, a nut running after nuts. Seems, he has got his female this time. Her name is Scratte. From the preview, it is hard to judge, whether she is after Scrat's heart, or his beloved nut.

Here is a widget taken from the official website…


  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for the news...I am eagerly waiting for this to see..

  2. Scrat is a real hero in this movie. He entertain a lot. July is quite far though..:(

  3. Poor Scrat.

    I can't wait till July'09 friends, please, please, I beg of you. Please make it release today...


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